Sunday, September 03, 2017

Classroom Set Up 2017-2018 {Day 6}

Monday was my first contracted day back to work and honestly I forgot to snap pictures before I started working so I could show you progress. I snapped my photos at the end of the day instead and just decided from that point, I'd start taking them at the end of the day.

Well. That didn't happen. There has been so much going on between meetings, PD, and screenings that I started forgetting to snap photos and was so focused on squeezing in progress any chance I could get.

I haven't taken any photos since Monday the 28th, but wanted to show you the final lay out that I came up with. From this point I've just been gradually making my way around the room and putting things away and organizing different areas.

 My work boxes are no longer in this spot! I basically flip flopped the sides of the classroom, moving centers to this side and work boxes to the other. I also got all of my cabinets organized (hence the green post its on them for future labels) -- which was huge progress, just not super noticeable progress.
You can barely tell but my new classroom rug came! It's flipped over in these photos per the instructions to get it to lay flat-- follow this step! It really works!
This angle has looked the same for a while. It was a great place to put all the bins and pull from here as I needed them for various things.

Another view of the front, I moved a few minor things around from here, but not too much. I'm planning on using a room divider to block the climber and trampoline when we're sitting on the carpet.
I found the perfect bookshelf to make my 1:1 work area with (the back corner in this shot) I have a lot of organizing to do back there still, but I'm thinking it's going to work perfectly!

So much stuff. So so so much stuff. It looks amazing now and I can walk into this storage closet. That's a first in basically my all previous 6 years at this school! ha. My closet floor has never been this clear!

We have our meeting the teacher on Friday September 8th and I'm going to be honest. I'm starting to panic a little bit. I don't feel prepared AT ALL, but just keep reminding myself that I still have 4ish days left. We will be helping in Kindergarten rooms all day, but I should have time here and there and after school to get some things done.

Hopefully I'll get some things done over our long weekend too that will help :)

The next time I update you on my classroom status I hope to be sharing the final shots!

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