Saturday, September 02, 2017

Sensory Theraply Box! -- August Review

Wow you guys! I did my live box opening on time but really slacked in getting these links posted to get you more information about each of the items! My September box should be arriving early this week.

If you didn't see the live opening, or it's been so long between now and then that you want to watch it over, you can do so right here!

If you saw any awesome items in the video that you want to try out in your classroom I've found them ALL and I've given you links below to where you can find them. Again, this is NOT a paid post. I do not get these boxes for free nor do I get any discounts on my orders. I simply LOVE them and LOVE sharing them with you.

NOW, the amazon links listed below are affiliate links, meaning I get a teeny tiny bit of $ if you make a purchase through that link, but only if you make a purchase. Any link outside of amazon is not an affiliate link.

This months box at 7 items in it-- I think that's the most I've had in a box so far! Here's what I got:

1. Lavender and Chamomile Essential Oil Calming Dough

You guessed it, it smells amazing and is super soft! It's $4 a tin and they have lots of different options too. Check it out by clicking {here}

2. Playable Art OSM, Kinetic Sculptural Toy

This one was my favorite item in the box! You can purchase it in a few more colors too.  

3. Melissa and Doug Scratch Art Sketch Pad

This was super easy to use, it wasn't too hard to scratch off-- super fun for fine motor practice.

4. Fidgipod

I had never seen this before! If you watch the video you'll see how to use it :) 

5. Liquid Layers Visual Stimulation Timer

This one is pretty neat. I've seen these before but didn't own any. Every time my husband comes into my office he turns it around.

6. Lizard Toy

I don't know that this is the exact one that I got in my box, but either way, very similiar if not.

7. Squishy Smiley

Another oldie but goodie. I feel like these guys have been around for a while, but again, I don't own any. When I was a little kid I managed to explode one of these so they do make a little nervous! haha This price shown is also for a pack of 4 of them.

So this month I just added up the total for all of the items that came in the box-- assuming that I found the correct items and did my math on the multi packs correct, and the total is $39.99. The subscription box is $39.99 a month. That was a turn off for me originally, but this months box broke even on the pricing. Each month is different.

I will keep you guys posted on when the September box arrives and when I will be doing my live!

Interested in Sensory TheraPlay Box?! Click {here} to sign up! --


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